Week 10: Bridget Jensen

I see the various mass media completely blowing up in the next 20 years, I can’t even imagine what mass media will be like in 50 years. I personally think that our lives are all ready becoming consumed by technology in the next 20-50 years things are going to become like people from the 60’s thought the future would look like; flying cars, crazy technology, and so many different futuristic things. This is not necessarily ¬† ¬†going to be a good thing either. People will be to reliant on technology that things could end up worse for incoming children. I already think its bad enough that little five year olds have iPhones and iPads just so they stay busy for their parents or because everyone else’s kids have them. I think that is ruining the next generation to come however, technology is never going to slow down so we should learn how to control it through mass media.