Week 8: Ryan Weber

In choosing between a young attractive news anchor and a less attractive veteran journalist, I would most likely choose to hire the young and attractive applicant. I honestly feel a bit guilty for my reasoning but it is the unfortunate truth.

When looking to attract viewers quickly, sex appeal is generally an easy way to draw people in. As ex-model Janice Dickenson says, “Sex sells!” And she is absolutely correct. The other benefits to hiring this young anchor would be that she would have less preconceived values and morals as an older person, so he opinion would not shine through her reporting as heavily as the older woman. Her mind would be more easily shaped to the ideals of the specific network. On top of all that, because she is younger she would be able to work longer for the network. They wouldn’t have to worry about retirement or death for a long time, most likely, so going through the hiring process again wouldn’t be necessary for a longer period of time.