Week 9: Ryan Weber

With the election season coming up, any fellow YouTube user has undoubtedly seen perfect examples of the manipulation of these advertisements by none other than our own running senators Mark Begich and Dan Sullivan. The adds in favor of Mark Begich has been scarce, but support for Dan Sullivan as well as advertisements again Begich have been plentiful. The candidates and their support groups designed multiple adds tailoring facts to best suit themselves by making their competitor look bad. Most of us have heard that Mark Begich has missed more votes than 80% of US senators. The same add also tells us that he votes with President Obama 97% of the time. “Begich isn’t true Alaska, he’s our Washington.” Is a now commonly heard phrase coined by one of these political advertisements.
The factuality of these adds is unknown to the general public but it is clear that these political adversaries are manipulating the media to sway public opinions.