Wk 12 Angela Carley

Dear Internet,
We are pleased to have you on board as the latest media invention. We have gotten a decade worth of advertising revenues from the global hope of your release. And then another decade of good profits because people still needed their televisions to learn of the latest devices. But now that everyone has access to you, many of our long time viewers have simply stopped watching. Because your content has become so limitless, they can’t seem to get off of their computers. Our profits have sunk to an all time low.
We had a good relationship before, when no one stepped on the other’s toes. We did your marketing, feeding the endless fascination our public had for you, telling stories of how you would change the world. And, well, …you did. Bravo.
But where has this left us? We flounder in suddenly shallow waters after your ship’s wake displaced the sea. Local businesses no longer need us to reach their market, as they can connect with so many more through the internet and for free, for Christ sake! Who the hell let that happen?
It has taken us quite by surprise, as we never dreamed that television would do anything but get bigger and better. And yet today, this once multi-billion dollar industry struggles just to keep our heads above water and you are completely to blame.
We had complete control over the media before you came along. We were the ones who determined what the country believed in and spent their hard earned money on. Granted we probably pushed things a bit too far with all the fake news, but we could have swore the public was good and hoodwinked. But then you came along and gave people a taste for new and covert information. Didn’t you know that this would empower the people? Now they can’t get enough of it. And less and less people are bothering to turn their televisions on at all.
We are pretty mad about this (mostly because we didn’t see it coming) and we want you to curtail the information available to the public. We would also like for you to start charging your customers for higher speed access, then they would appreciate what they get with free television and paid cable. We would like to see power back in the hands of the rich, where it belongs, by making it so that only the most affluent citizens can afford it.
We can have a good relationship again, but you must first squash the public’s notion that information and entertainment are free. It is this growing feeling of entitlement among the people that is killing us.
Hoping we can help each other out.

The Television