Week 11: Dear, CDs…. Taylor Morgan

Dear CDs,

It’s your elder uncle, Cassette Tapes. I’m happy you’ve been striving so strongly, and that you’re taking the world by the horns. But we kind of have issues, Kid. At firs it seemed like you were just coming around, doing child’s play. But now they’re selling stereos that can play you, they’re playing you in the car, can’t keep you off the shelf! I heard a kid tell his girlfriend that he made her a mix tape, AND HANDED HER A CD. YOU’RE NOT EVEN A TAPE. Just because they can get on their computers now, and put freaky space codes on there that sound like music, they think they made a mix tape?! Credit’s not even being given where credit is due.
You know, I was as big as you are once upon a time. I had my decade or two or fame. I was a big wig, I’m what Def Leopard was being sold on before you strolled on in.
If you think you’re here to stay forever, think again, Kid. I thought that, too. I was told I was the height of technology, I made things obsolete, but here I am now writing this letter to you.
Be safe, Kiddo.


Your Uncle Cassettes.