Week 11: Steven Allen

“Dear Television, this is your neighbor magazines. We’re are really happy to see a new face among us, but at the same time we are a little upset or angry is the correct word with you. The reason why we are angry with you is because you are taking all of our readers and presenting our information in the matter of seconds. You make our readers sit on their butts and not go out and pick up a magazine to read all the latest news in both the world and what interests them like sports and more. We do realize that when it comes to producing information and gaining readers or in your case viewers it’s a dog eat dog world out there. But while it’s no cost off your back, it’s detrimental to us; we need those readers to keep our operation a float, and to make sure our employees aren’t worrying about getting laid off because we went out of business and can’t provide them with an income. In a way, you’re just a box that people can come to whenever they want to, and they only need to flip a switch to gain all the information you hold in yourself, spreading from their own home to the world. We just ask that you just be more considerate and to take into account how you may be hurting thousands of people’s jobs and their families. Perhaps we could somehow work together and find a common ground between the two of us. Maybe you can report on certain things like the government and more while we deal with sports, Hollywood and its creations, that way we both can get our readers and viewers without hurting the other in the process. For we see, while battle each other, when in fact we can just help each other, we hope to hear from you soon and to see what you would like to do with this proposal. Thank you, from your friendly neighbor, magazines.’