Week #11: Tania Winston

Dear Mr. Smartphone,
I see your new, and numerous, applications and wireless capabilities have propelled you to successful heights. However, I think you make life too easy sometimes. I see your users as idle individuals, taking no notice in the world around them, as you hypnotize them with your functions.
At least the people who used me knew what hard work was, and the determination to talk to someone was evident upon the completion of dialing the required number. One slip-up and they would have to start all over again. I even had a ring that could scare the hair straight up on the back of a sleeping cat, and could be heard in every room of a multi-leveled house.
While I envy your slim design, and your mobility, I don’t envy the work you put in to satisfy your users. You answer questions, play music and games, make phone calls, network socially, and can surf the net, but what do you get from them? Separation anxiety, stifling obsessiveness, and an exhausted battery life. You, sir, need to be careful. Pretty soon, even with all your capabilities, you, too, will find yourself old and obsolete, being replaced by a better device. You aren’t the first to take my spotlight, the cordless phone beat you to it. I congratulate you on doing the same to my replacement, but be forewarned. The next new thing is coming, and you will soon be discarded next to me. You will be just as unrecognizable as I am, with people wondering at what end of the receiver to talk through, and saying, “Is that all it did?’ Revel in the present, while I save a spot for you.
Sincerely yours,
Mr. Rotary Phone