Week 13: Bridget Jensen

A day in the life of a 22nd century young adult would be something quite different from today. The display of mass media is  much greater. Starting with college courses for example, I rarely have to attend a course in the classroom. There are  several different ways to view mass media in the 22nd century. Not only is  there  broadcasts of college classes but advertisements of all kinds as well. I believe that technology is taking over the way mass media is produced. There is a large  lack in newspapers, magazines, paper material media, etc. Mass media is everywhere digitally, video posters, billboards and flyers. There really is no way of escaping mass media which is very informative but almost to much to handle. I hope it will soon calm down and I will become use to it I’m sure however, as of now it’s a little over whelming but also very informative to me as a young adult as well as to those young teens out there who don’t exactly watch the news. This new form of mass media will help to inform more younger generations in a “fancier” way as to make them actually want to view and learn about it. It’s serving as a great learning tool for everyone.