Week 14: Bridget Jensen

I believe letting her go is a great opportunity for not only her but the newspaper as a whole. Im not sure the readers would react any differently than they already do. I think it might boost the confidence of other writers to want to be able to earn a trip like that for themselves. Not only to for the trip but also to better their career. I don’t think it will really affect the office morals at all. We are all adults and realize when someone earns something such as this trip to Key West it’s a motivator. Other employees will pick up their work and do better for a change to have a trip such as the travel editor. I also think that she deserves this trip not only for earning it but the fact that she is a travel editor, it suits the employed position. I’m sure the other reporters will be jealous ┬áby nature but that is completely normal. Now if they act like small children about it thats when you have a problem, but as adults they will act appropriately.