Week 13 Assignment

As I sit here today drinking my coffee,  I can’t help but wonder; what will our world look like in the 22nd Century? Will we continue to advance technologically as rapidly as we are today, or have in the past 20 years? Will it slow down instead? What will our daily interactions with the mass media look like? What will it feel like? With these questions in mind, we can start to formulate personal predictions based on the past and present, about what the future will look like. Every day we will be constantly connected to the mass media machine because we will have, literally,  no choice. It will be so engrained in our daily lives that we will partake whether we choose to or not. Every cell phone will be a smartphone, there will be no other choices available in the 22nd Century. No more flip phones or basic phones will be on the market. More people will read their news from electronic devices such as their phones, tablets, or computers. More people will own these devices as prices will become more affordable as technology advances to create even better products. More people will own Asus Padfone’s than ever before due to  its revolutionary design of phone and tablet in one device. Although it hasn’t caught on just yet, it’s a brand new concept that will become very popular in the 22nd Century. Two devices on one service plan, simplification and  cost effectiveness  at it’s finest. Social media will only grow and people will become even more connected than they are today, if that’s possible. Facebook will be the largest platform for news media coverage and business advertising as it will be the most visited website on the internet. Facebook will basically serve as a “one stop shop” for all of our mass media needs and wants. The 22nd Century will be full of technology, just like today, but the experience will be different. We will still have the same news stories that we have today because the human race really doesn’t change in behavior all too often. A day inside the 22nd Century will be one full of connection and media interaction. It will possibly be borderline media over stimulation.