Week 13 Dani Atkins

What does the future hold?  Technology, mass media  and everyday life are constantly changing.  How will these things change?  How will they impact the future?  The way society has evolved and advanced everyone is so interconnected through technology and mass media.  Ask yourself, what is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?  Do you reach for your smart phone or tablet?  You start checking your email, your Facebook and Twitter updates.  People are so plugged in they are missing the real world. Things are also becoming more and more digitized. There are now devices that can display your latest media addictions, all  you have to do is wear a wristband.  As the years continue to pass things will just continue to evolve and change. They will adapt to stay at the top of the game or just fade into the past. Remember Myspace? Exactly.