Week 13: Steven Allen

The media, so much has changed yet so much still feels the same. Remember when it was simple back in the day, we had the power to be able to turn off anything we liked. The remote control in a way was the device to silence the world we live in and what happens in it. Now a days though we got everything in our face left and right, I mean we can’t even turn a corner without hearing something blown into our ears. The worse part about it is that we can turn it off, and even if we tried something new will turn on and keep giving us info. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, it’s good to learn new things, we need people to be more insightful, it will make better decisions hopefully for generations to come. However, there’s a line that should be drawn in such cases, at first it was wathces with built in holograms we could acces anything at any point in time, then it came to appliances in the home. Alright, not so bad, but then we started ┬áto put screens and screens onto everything, we put them on building, meters, we even have the sky filled with screens with all those blimps and planes passing by us every night. Some people are comparing about the noise and can’t get any sleep, what’s up with that. It’s like our society is becoming something out of 1984, we are beign watched every second of everyday, we feel like our sense of privacy hs just gone out the window. Weather we like it or not though, technology will just keep progressing and more news will be given at every second at every place.

Also, has anyone noticed what’s happening here in the media recently. It’s like false information is growing amongst all the programs, every channel I flip to I can catch the same story but beign presented In a different way, come to find out both programs Were telling false information and you want to know why they did such a thing. It’s becuase these networks are controlled by the government, they want us to believe that we are safe or that we need don’t worry about the economy. The truth is though we need start fact checking everything the media is telling us in this day and age, I’m begining to wander if back in the 21st century news was as bad as everyone said it was, sure there were certain things to look up but at least some people told the truth. Now in e 22nd century, we all better be careful of what we here and what we actually need for ourselves and for our family. I want to thank you all for listening to my program and like I always say, stay safe and stay true.