Week #13: Tania Winston

The 22nd century me would be able to communicate with my family, friends, and acquaintances, and perform daily tasks with instant ease. Why just this morning, my 22nd century self would have awoken to an alarm preset into my bedroom’s individual computer, turned off by a voice command, which would then create an unseen Doc Brown-like chain reaction of turning on the coffee in the kitchen, starting my shower in the bathroom, and toasting my bread. At the same time, my social web page would instantaneously be read to me by a cheerful robotic personal assistant, who would post any status or tweet I wished. All without lifting a finger. I would then take my 22nd century self to work, leaving the house and locking it with a security password coded to my voice patterns, and a retina scan of my eye. My car would open with a pass of my hand, I have linked the chip in my wedding ring to the vehicle, secured by the DNA transfer of my skin cells to the ring, creating a theft deterrent. On my way to work I would listen to radio stations pre-programmed with all my music genres and radio programs, courtesy of my very own personal Disc Jockey. Of course, my 22nd century self would also like to have a coffee on the way to work, but stopping would be just a hassle. While waiting in traffic, I would send a voice message to the nearest coffee hub, and pay the drone delivering it to me with another pass of my ring, as it also has my credit and bank information encoded within it. Once home, I would turn on the television, which would be a screen incorporated into the drywall. As I watch my favorite show, which I would turn to with just a word, my screen would split in two with the image of my mother waiting patiently for me to pick up on the other side. Should I “answer’?
My 22nd century self would benefit from the ease of the technological advances occurring from the past century. Smartphones, tablets, and applications in today’s 21st century have already paved the way to a hassle-free lifestyle, where any task or need is available with just the sound of a voice or a touch of a finger. Further in the future, a sound of a voice would be all that is required, with the next advancement being just a thought.