Wk 13 Angela Carley

December 1, 2114
I woke up this morning by auto stimulant, in order to make my new holographic class, which would be popping up in my living room at 7am. World Politics this semester has a diverse group of students from all over the world. The class program has a built in translator to turn all languages to my own, as well as a transcriber to list all comments and their origin.

This morning we will be discussing the issues that World Senate now faces. Our input, combined with 1000’s of other similar classes will offer invaluable information to guide their decision making.
After lunch, I have invited some family members to another holographic think tank to come to consensus on what to get Mother for her birthday. We will link our computers and go shopping together.
We peruse ads for the birthday dinner as well, and decide on roast chicken, rice pilaf, and a kale Caesar salad. We input the number of servings desired and place the order for the raw materials to be delivered at noon on her birthday.
Today is my day for Elderly Share and Care. I have arranged for public transport at 1pm, which will take me outside of town to one of the residential hubs, where I, and the other candidates of the day, will help in the gardens that provide food for us all, and tend to the needs of the residents there. Along the way the transport vehicle provides video on helpful ways to stay positive and optimistic, as well as encouragement to “unplug’ every once in a while and practice one-on-one communication.
When I arrive, I find many of the residents gathered in the common area. So I go over to see what has gotten their attention. They are all trying to look at what seems like an old fashioned magazine, but on closer inspection, I see the pictures are moving. It’s one of those new adaptable magazines, where the ads change according to who is reading it. It displays a video ad for skin softening cream if low hydration is detected. Various ads for food display according to what your typical diet consists of, all being read by censors placed in the pages of the magazine. The old ones are getting frustrated, as the ads keep changing back and forth and I have to explain, that these new magazines are meant for the individual and they will have to take turns looking at it.
Once back home, I get ready for an evening out with a friend. We are going to check out the new “living theater’ that immerses the audience in 3D holographic reality. We will choose to attend as a couple, thereby erasing everyone else in the theater from our experience. I am told that you can actually feel the grass under your feet and smell what the Earth must have smelled like a hundred years ago.
For after all the changes humanity has gone through, it is these simple pleasures we long for the most: clean air and fertile ground.