Week 2, Leia Walker

Media isn’t all that bad, but take into consideration what it is showing from Ferguson.

A few months ago, a cop from Ferguson, Missouri shot and killed a citizen named Mike Brown. The media took this and ran with it. “Cops are racist”, “Cops are cruel”, “Cops don’t care if they murdered your best friend” were just some of the posts I saw regarding this. ¬†However, the media, for a while, only showed the side of this that the people wanted to see. They didn’t show the fires, the murders, the countless citizens left homeless because “the youth of color were protesting for justice”.

Everyday, we see countless crimes happen. This man murdered his family and that woman was raped, this rapper did this, that celebrity did that, but we only see the media explode when something happens and a cop becomes a murderer. No matter the crime, whether it’s as simple as a retail store robbery or as big and complex as a mass murder in a school, the media will never be as interested in something as they are when it involves a death at the hand of a police officer.

So many times I have logged onto Facebook to see people raging about how Brown wasn’t brought to justice. People seem to only see one side of things. Whether it be in favor of Brown or against him. No one bothers to be the neutral person saying “Hey, they were both at fault” or, if they do speak up and say such, they get immediately attacked by both sides screaming “You’re wrong” or “He was innocent”.

What can I say? Humans are stupid. We believe pretty much everything we see on the internet. “Rhianna was beat by Chris Brown” “NFL star gets benched for three games do to…” We see one side of things and immediately think it’s the only side. Whether there be another side or not. Sometimes criminals are just criminals, however the media takes one side and tears it away from all hope of having another opinion.

Media is a terrible thing when it comes to personal lives. It truly is. There is no argument here. The media, especially when it comes to tabloids, is terrible. It is almost always biased. Something happens where a white guy murders or harms a black guy and the media blows up. You never see an ant hill made into a mountain as much as when the media gets a hold on the personal lives of civilians. The media is your own worst enemy.

Take into consideration Kim Kardashian’s recent “break the internet” pictures. The media ran with those pictures for what, maybe a week? But throw a cop killing a black citizen into the arena and it blows up for weeks, even months. But they never show the other black people, in Ferguson for example, burning down businesses in the name of justice. You just don’t see minuscule things blow up as much as things like Ferguson vs. Brown.

In conclusion, media is quite biased and usually terrible. If something happens where a cop can be ¬†made the bad guy, the media is never one to be trusted. Until you’re the one being killed, harmed, or arrested, you will never ever know the whole story. Not even the judge knows the whole story. Stick to your own, read articles if you want to, but don’t believe everything you see.