Week 11 Assignment: Michael Kohnert

Thank god for the internet, the mass communication highway that is so often used for piracy, selfies, and nut bag agenda spreading. Naturally, I’m being facetious, the internet has its merits, but it’s easy to see that these popular aspects of internet use are detrimental to the survival of print media. I have no clue what kind of denizens are supporting this, but seeing the impact that it has had on print media, I can’t help but think they’re a part of the same demographic that once supported print media so readily. But in the time when print media ruled there wasn’t a demand for senseless ramblings of nobodies, and deranged smut. So, what happened? What did the internet do? It preyed on people; it instantly presented them with the most basic forms of amusement. Mind rotting blogs, pointless social media, and useless information all presented in such quantity that they are able to keep people fixed to their computers. They rely on people to rot their minds away as they delve deeper into the World Wide Web of lies. Our once educated and functioning readers have devolved and are now lost forever, swept away by this wave of the future.