Week 13 Ryan Weber

It’s arrived! Make sure you update your HED, or Hearing and Everything Device, next time you plug in at dinner to update your new system. The new software for our surgically implanted inner-ear and sight modules will finally allow you to blink through stations WHILE driving down Magneto-state I235! With that out of the way, let’s talk about the most recent invention coming from Cranium Laboratories; the At-home Android. This humanoid robotic creation will live as your family does, assist you all individually as need, and is supposedly programmed with tens of thousands of programs to suit literally anything you need. What are you thoughts, listeners? The NNC report you received via eye-cam this morning at City Breakfast Hour showed Cranium’s President Dinkle Berg commenting on the androids. Was he correct in saying that this advancement is the result of one hundred years of waiting, since the Rusty’s blew up the planet following World War 3? Now that we live entirely off of recyclable materials and Nano-air has restored much of the biodomes’ clean supply, are we really ready for more robots? Are we, as a race, listeners, ready to bring remnants of what once brought humanity to its knees, into our homes? You know what I think, I think this’ll sell great. But one day we’ll realize that even with HED’s, we can’t tell the future. Infrared and night vision? Sure. Eye-cam and Instant Video Calling and streaming, right from your retinas? Of course. Crisp, clear sound and hearing improvements, implanted within your eardrum? Only the best. But androids? NNC said they already had theirs pre-ordered. How many of you have done the same? CAUSE I HAVE. This is gonna be big, BIG, BIIIIIG!