Week 9 Assignment: Jerzy Ellanna

I’m about to definitely surprise, probably scar, and maybe enlighten? you by painting a picture of an….intriguing article. Lets begin with the topic; poop, toilet, bathroom, taboos, Sweden, kissing, Flushing the toilet, shit, pee, pretty girls, fashion….All of those were legit tags on the article.

The author is CAISA EDERYD, and the release date of the article is April, 1st 2014. Really? April 1st, poop, pretty girls, and fashion. I sincerely would’ve hoped no one had taken this article seriously, but sadly we have to remember not everyone can be as media literate as the amazing journalism students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Anywho, I digress.

Think about those tags; I can’t even imagine the heinous pictures you’re painting in your minds. The article is actually titled; Talking to Girls About the Good Ol’ Number-Two Taboo. It’s an interview talking to many girls about their bathroom habits and opinions.


I’m gonna be honest with you that I didn’t even read the article past the first few lines. Mixed amongst the text are portraits of beautiful models in “bathroom situation’ and under the photos the say what each girl is wearing. American Apparel, Beyond Retro, Vans, American Apparel, Beyond Retro, Vans; over and over. It becomes obvious fairly quickly this is a classic case of product placement.


According to DEMIAN FARNWORTH, whom emailed the author, “I asked if American Apparel had paid for the slideshow. [And] She said American Apparel did not pay for the editorial.’ According to the article author, “It’s a Swedish editorial and due to no budget in this project we had to turn to labels who lend us their clothes for free.’ Farnworth emailed again and asked what exactly “no budget’ meant in this case. There is still no response. There was clear product placement, and yet the author refuses to admit it.


Thank you, See you next week!