Week 13 Assingment: Michael Kohnert

Morning begins when the GE broadcasts awaken you from your sleep chamber. The HC2200 is an older model of sleep chamber but it is able to communicate with your cybernetic brain just fine.     The morning broadcasts subtly informing you of recent events, and products that have been selected specially for you. Most of it is part of your subscription, but you are also exposed to some sponsored media. Since your mk3b cyberbrain was implanted on an employee contract with GE you’re entitled to privileges like this. You go about your morning routine, hydrating you organic components with GE Super Electrolite Plasmic Fluid, and fuel yourself with the last of your Monsanto Kaloric pellets. Peering out through dense fog that distorts glowing billboards and dancing holograms you make a mental note, ‘H%70-85, another wet day in New Cape Town.’ You strap on your Vorpaz II and put your GE uniform on over it, planning for one quick stop on the way to work. On your way from the company dorm to the manufacturing district you stop at the GE concession facility to grab some more organic fuel. As you search for the economical Monsanto brand you’ve come to rely on, your eye is draw to a display of GE Organic Fuel Tabs: taste like real food! Well, it’s more expensive, but it could be worth trying, so you buy a pack for consumption while you’re on shift. After you get to work you plug into your terminal and begin efficiency scans of the production centers. If an issue is found you will disconnect from the system and go fix the issue, but on this day no issues are detected so you got to browse Facebook Corp. and catch up on recent events that were covered in your morning broadcast by getting data from other sources like DuPont ElectroOrganics and Hitachi Mentalmedia while you passively do efficiency scans in your subconscious. The only unique event of the day was your break to consume your fuel tab, it wasn’t much different than the Monsanto pellets but on the way home you grab a case from the concession facility. When you get home you rehydrate with GE Super Electrolite Plasmic Fluid, eat your GE Organic Fuel Tab, and go to bed in you GE HC2200.