Week [1] Part (1 of 2) Eddie Crosby.

Assignment [1]

Part (1 of 2)
Eddie Crosby
July 10, 2015

I guess I would have to say that every movie or show that I choose to watch can have in their own modest inherent rights and ability’s to influence the way that I might think, both before and after I have watched them but some may have a more deeper ability to stick with me longer than others like a book and a movie called “where the red fern grows’, that movie was not only read to me as a young child at the age of twelve in a class room during a story time visit by my teacher that I both admired and respected but at the same time those two little dogs had in their own cute ability’s to tug on my young imagination of the things that were both going on within that small class room but to also influence the small things that were going on within the world at that time, I would have to say a simpler time, a time of immaturity and of little misunderstanding of the things that would latter take place within the world around me the loss of a loved one, my grandfather, and the birth of my own little batch of puppy’s.

Before I watched that movie, I did not see the loss of a loved one, as painful, I did not understand that I would never be able to talk to them the way I once did, I did not understand the importance of a grave site and why we place flowers upon them. I did not understand as I do now the unwritten sometimes unspoken desire of finding a love within my life that was as strong as the one that was written upon in those pages and portrayed upon the big screen.

Love is a bond stronger than a book or a film can ever describe, but if a writer can depict a movie that can have a human touch, like a small hand reaching not just into your mind for a two hour glimpse but, into your heart strings for eternity then and only then can I truly say that indeed the words were not just written, or spoken in vain but will in fact with stand the test of time.

I think that there are too many ways in society today to infuriate people both in the media and within the court rooms of public opinion, I think that the under written word of the majority has something left to be desired, I think that Mozart was a great composer, in his time, but yet in his time he was poor and considered insane, locked up for his thinking outside the box. I think that as a society in order to move forward I think in fact we need to step back within the child hood films and books that once inspired us to be the great people we are today and stop letting the things in our immediate faces, like gay marriage and a confederate flag inflame us, and to take us apart, trust me the flag was flying six months ago, as it did fifty years ago, and gay marriage is so old that it is biblical nothing new, just old news that I think mass media wants us to relive as if it was, well don’t let me be the first to say, it is old news.

Just because you can say it or do it does not mean that it should be done.