Ebersole-Assignment 1 Week 1

The TV show I watched is called The Walking Dead and I watched multiple episodes on Netflix. This show has been raved about by a couple friends to me and I finally decided to watch it. Before watching this show I really haven’t seen much about the zombie apocalypse craze everyone is into and I didn’t plan on it really making me think much but I was hoping for a good story plot. I was rather amazed that a TV show about zombies and the end of the world for most humans could affect me so much. Besides the constant suspense of who next was going to be attacked the show also brought out something I wasn’t expecting. The movie reminded me that even if it was possible to have people turn into horrible dead eating machines, the undead normal human beings were still the real enemy. The mind games played with people who are under extreme amounts of stress and how people will lose their humanity in the search of saving their own skin is always a good reminder to me. People will usually care most about themselves and hopefully their immediate family, but the real heart of most people, is just looking out for themselves. Society pushes us all to look out for others and donate to worthy causes and care for the sick. This is a rather easy thing to do if things are going well in our lives. As long as we have bread on our own table and money in our bank account, it is much easier to give or to help. It is when life isn’t going our way and we don’t have as much money as we like that we all forget about the others who need help and instead just focus on surviving and getting things done for us.

Shows like these, even with their hard to believe ideas also makes me evaluate how I would handle things in a crisis and do I have enough supplies to care for my family without relying on others. The people who always survive in these kinds of things/shows are the ones who will do what is needed and won’t give up. I am not terribly worried about being eaten anytime soon but I do think mass catastrophes are highly likely in the world we live in and I need to stay alert and prepared for whatever could happen. During my time in the military and my tour overseas we all were keenly aware of life and death and how our days could be numbered. This type of ultra awareness helped us stay alive and look out for my brothers. I wonder if people without military training or background might have a harder time really seeing the reality of possible and eminent danger that our world is full of.

This form of media, although enjoyable can still remind us of possible life situations where survival is needed and remind us how we need to stay aware of our surroundings.