Ebersole-Assignment 2 Week 1

This would be my report to my CEO, and what the argument to Congress should be as to Mass Media in the form of Radio, especially Talk Radio. I would focus on the good of it and why it should be kept and not hampered with at all by Congress. This particular discussion and Radio could be applied to all news outlets in general as well.

Lady and Gentlemen of our almighty Congress, I am here today with hopefully a supportive argument in regards to the importance of Radio. I know that you, Congress as a whole, have been in discussions recently as being against Radio and the any facets of this great mass media venue. I am here today to try to change your mind as to the importance to society and our citizens of this great nation of and for the need of Radio in its many forms. The main one I know that you members of Congress seem to be against is the venue of Talk Radio. Let’s dwell on that for a moment and see if I can sway you at all for the need of Talk Radio. We at this time in our nation have at least two opposing views when it comes to this subject. One being NPR (National Public Radio) which is viewed by many as the arm of the liberal side of the sphere, the other being the news source that is  Fox News and conservative radio, which being the arm of persuasion for the conservative side of stuff.

From all my research and polling of the public, which are the great citizens of this country, which their voices should be heard, we are in need of both these sides of mass media in this country. Sure, each side may slant these with their own personal views and reasoning’s, but above all that, it gives ear to discussion with is so greatly needed in this country. We need these venues so that there is debate, so that there openness and honesty and a place that people can go to so that they may see both sides and then decide for themselves what is right or wrong. This country was built on great debate, on people hearing both sides of every argument and then being able to decide for themselves what the proper path to follow is.   Members of Congress, you must not stifle our people from choosing for themselves what they want to hear and believe. Stop making sheep of our people, give them a voice and let them be heard. This country moves forward openly with honest debate with these avenues that we know now as mass media.   Let the free speech work for itself, please I beg you, stay out of every area of mass media. Let the people have a voice, let them pick what they want to listen to and chose the way they get their information, through whatever mass media site they want.   I feel that you as Congress will do more harm than good by trying to get involved and stop the flow of mass media.   Let it be, do not stop it, do not tax it, do not hamper it in any way. Let the people of this great nation decide for themselves what is right for them. They should and will pick the right path.