Week 1 Kade Campbell

This Friday night I decided to put on some Netflix for this assignment, I’m not a avid Netflix or television watcher so I had no idea what to watch. With so many choices at a clique of a button I leaned toward the educational genre to learn something new. I ended up clicking on the Planet Earth page and choosing the episode, “Primates.’ I have seen this planet earth before so I understand what is coming but have never scene this episode. Within the first five minutes of the episode I am instantly hooked by all these amazing colors and my eyes are glued to this huge screen.
The episode follows these tribes of primates that are found all around the world. Every 5-7 minutes they change primates and introduce me to a new kind in a different part of the world. I am not a very big animal person myself but after 15 minutes in this episode primates have to be one of my favorite episodes. I can tell that these animals are humans closet relatives. The way they move, look, and the emotions they show is just like us. All this information I am learning about these animals is going out one ear and out the other, because of the amazing visual effects. Each animal they go to in this episode the primate gets bigger and smarter. 30 minutes into the episode they get to the best primate of them all, the gorilla. I find myself not even listening to the monotone, relaxed voice that fills the background noise. I am just amazed on how these animals act and how their society is just like ours. Before I know it the episode is over and a next one is starting, I come back to reality and realize I need to turn this off right now before I get addicted to this show. Fresh off the episode, I feel like I am an expert about primates and want to learn more but the episode also brought out other feeling within me.
I love outdoor activities, hiking, fishing, running, sports, camping you name it. One thing I never really had interest in is traveling the world. For whatever reason I never had the instant urge to travel, I know I want to one day but that day can wait. Minutes after the episode I find myself thinking back on the camera angles of the vast landscapes, the massive green forest, and the beautiful blue water. Traveling has just had a 200 percent boost in my life goals list. I believe the media causes this, the way the shoot this show makes you want to go see this in real life. It puts you in shock that there is actually so much more to our world then what we see everyday. I don’t know if that is a good or bad thing that this show has caused but I will most likely tune in again. If not that, I’ll probably ends up going to the zoo.