Week 1 pt 2 Kade Campbell

Violence is one of not if the most looked for thing in media. Everybody loves violence, it draws you in and it makes good entertainment. Growing up in a society that idolizes violence for entertainment has made me numb to the harsh reality of violence. When you see these big blockbuster movies of superheroes killing the bad guys, and these movies of secret agents killing multiple people in order to get the end goal I don’t think twice about the emotion that comes with violence. This is what makes violence the biggest contributor of junk to the “vast wasteland’ of the media. Every once in a while a movie or documentary comes out that shows violence true colors, Saving Private Ryan did this for me.
War movies are first class in the violence plane of the media, they usually take away all feeling and focus the watchers attention to the cool guns or massive weapons they have, but the movie Saving Private Ryan did something different. Instead of focusing on the violence and materialistic things in focused on they feeling of love and the loss of love. It showed what it’s actually like to be out in combat and being scared to lose the people around you. For once in a film I actually get to see the emotion of the characters after sometime had died that is close to them. The film also showed both sides of the spectrum, that the bad guys aren’t actually all that bad and how they are just like the good guys. The scene were the two men are fighting with a knife and both of them are inches away from death really puts into perspective how both men are the same.
Another great thing that the film does, is that it breaks stereotypes. Media has really made soldiers in the army like robots. There are supposed to be strong, never cry, or show emotion, and need to be this type of badass. In the film it shows soldiers crying, it shows them having a nervous breakdown, and shows them being scared. It even showed the good guys having remorse for the enemy that they killed, it brought out true human emotion. I believe true human emotion is good in film because it shows how what causes that is good or bad, and gives us the option to see if we want that in our life or not. Along with Saving Private Ryan, Full Metal Jacket, and Fury are other war movies that show great emotion along with the violence people crave.
I do not consider Saving Private Ryan to be apart of the “vast wasteland’ the media has made. It brings violence to life and gives emotion to it, and makes you cringe when you see it. I’m glad Saving Private Ryan was a big as it was because not many movies like come out to be big blockbusters. Most movies fall right into the “vast wasteland’ with violence because it makes the most money. I do enjoy these movies a great deal but it obvious to see that they try not to make violence a big deal. This has affected my life too; I wouldn’t want violence to ever happen my loved ones so I don’t wish it on anybody. I try not to promote it or be apart of it when violence is around me, I believe all conflicts can be resolved without any violence and wish it wouldn’t happen. It’s almost impossible to stop it but we have to start somewhere if we want to make the world a better place.