Week 2: Angela Wheeler

You may have heard of Man Crush Monday, well what about Media Man Crush Monday?! He gave us the radio so we’re giving him our hearts, that’s right we’re talking about none other than the “Father of Radio’ himself, Guglielmo Marconi!

Born in 1874 Marconi had his big break through at only 22 years old. Starting in 1896 he not only learned how to submit radio signals through the air across miles of land, but across the English Channel in 1899, and the Atlantic Ocean in 1901. Marconi also knew that getting his name and invention on the map was to go to the best investors and find an audience for his genius, namely the biggest and baddest navy of the time, England — sorry Italy you had your chance! The company Marconi started in England in 1897 has undergone some name changes and changed some hands but is still prominent today under the name BAE Systems — that’s over 100 years of business!

Without Marconi, Reginald Fessenden would never have made it possible to send and receive wireless voice transmissions; Lee DeForest never would have invented audio tubes or have the foresight to see the future of radio broadcast; heck we wouldn’t be sending you this broadcast if Marconi hadn’t connected the dots and bounced those waves, discovering what is known as Marconi’s Law. The ability to transmit voices via radio predates television, movies, and film, and Marconi even shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909. Marconi lived out his life in Italy until his death in Rome in 1937 at the age of 63.

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