Week 3 pt 2 Kade Campbell

Honeycrisp, Inc just came out with the future of entertainment for television. Their new product scans you while you are watching tv and reads body language/ vital signs and then determines your favorite tv program. All the tv companies are not going to be happy about this for the future. All of them are probably in a crisis on how they are going to attract all audiences to watch their programs but that is for them to figure out.
In the near future we are going to see a change in tv programming. Right now we have individual shows that run 30-1 hour long and plays no matter who is watching. With this Honeycrisp product we might see episodes get shorter and shorter so the companies can run more episodes so it can have more viewers. I think this will only be a problem for companies that make shows like fox, cbs, nbc and abc. Everybody will still tune in for the big sport events and watch movies, but it’s going to be a fight to have the best shows. We might see channels start to make shows that connect all types of audiences to get more viewers. We might also see shows try to make shows that connect to just one type of audience so they will always have loyal viewers. This is going to be amazing to see, and it might be the death of something we all have wanted for a long time.
Commercials are one of the biggest attention grabbers for the advertising industry. Even though that is great for that industry, they are the worst enemy for us viewers. Two minutes of commercial feels like a eternity, and even though some are enjoyable to watch we would rather not watch. This new product by Honeycrisp will be the death of commercials cause the tv will just change to another program. Instead of a minute of set commercials we might start to see adds pop up on the screen when the show is rolling more and more. This might cause a whole new level of hate but at least there will be no more set commercials. Paid programs will also have a hard time surviving in the future. These programs are right under commercials on the annoying scale for viewers. Without these programs tv companies will lose more and more money.
The overall look of tv programs in the future might change a little bit but I think we will still see the same type of shows. You might start to see a bunch of different kind of shows start to pop up but die off when people get less interested. It’s all based on what the viewers wants to see so tv companies are going to attract to what is most popular. The content might change a little bit more too, you might start to see more gory scenes and more sex on shows. Those are the two most attention grabbers so companies will keep pushing the limits. With content becoming more of a problem we might start to get age limits on certain programs on television. Just like the movie rating G, PG, PG-13, and R this might start happening on television, which will cause a lot backlash with under age kids tuning into adult material. We might start to see television become more and more like the film industry.
The cable and satellite companies might have some changes to them. We might see the number of channels going up because the tv companies will want more channels to play more shows. More channels means more shows which means more views, which ultimately means more money. With more channels, cable might become more expensive for the average viewer. Regular cable might be a thing of the past and satellite might rule the future.
Honeycrisp, Inc is changing the whole television industry and change is coming our way. Pros might outweigh the cons for the viewers but no one is for sure. Look out for the change in shows on regular tv, the less and less of commercials and the amount of channels increase. Just sit back and relax and have fun watching your favorite show.