Skupnik – Week 2, Assignment 1 of 1

I took a more compelling (I hope) approach for this assignment:

Since The Smithsonian is opening a new exhibit to showcase the “best’ and “brightest’ in mass media, then we should advocate for the contemporary major media figure Steve Jobs to be added to this exhibit. Not only was Mr. Jobs a top American pioneer of the personal computer revolution, but he was also an inventor and engineer. When people think of Steve Jobs, they think the iPhone, as that is the decade we live in and that he passed in; one where cell phones consume our lives with one brand mainly dominating the others: the Apple iPhone. However, Jobs had more to do with the revolution of the internet, personal computer devices, and cell phones than many people realize, which is why adding him to The Smithsonian would be a key way to shed light on and inform the younger generation of his importance. Jobs returned to being Apples interim CEO, after being forced out in 1985,  in 1997, a time when Apple was almost bankrupt. When Jobs came back in as CEO, he brought the company back to profitability in just one short year. Jobs’ brought back with him innovation and concepts that hadn’t been brought forth by other companies.  Apples profitability has continued to grow thanks to Jobs and a designed who co-created/designed the iMac, iPhone, iPod, iTunes store, etc. These devices/programs continue to advance in both technology and their ability to change the way the world thinks about media, and doing something like that is extremely hard to do in this day and age since we’ve already come so far with technology in the last 25 years. He is the epitome of innovator, designer, and pioneer of the modern media culture. Dedicating a spot to him within The Smithsonian would be an honor to the museum itself, but also to one of this generations most innovative thinkers

.Steve JObs