Week 1 discussion 2 Miriam Brooks

Not all people learn in the same forms. Some people learn best when they read a subject it sticks better in their minds. Some are visual learners, who have to see what is happening in order to understand it. Finally some are active learners, these learners have to participate in some way in order to grasp the knowledge. I for one, have a very difficult time just reading something and instantaneously understanding the concepts which are presented to me via text. If I read something along with having a visual aide, then I am able to better understand what I am supposed to learn. But without a visual aid of sorts I would be lost, the words from text would mean nothing to me. As I take online courses which require me to primarily be an independent learner, I find I have had to go in search of supporting visuals for myself. Let that be maps, instructional videos, and other aids so that I can understand the subject matter whose information I have to retain. I am an online learner partially because I have to work during the days and have limited time. Out of that available time there would be no classes occurring for me to take. Since this is the case there are no library’s open when I am available, and cannot go to the library in search of the supporting information I need. If I didn’t have access to the internet I wouldn’t be able to do further research for my courses, and this would result in my inability to grasp concepts. In turn this was cause me to fail my courses. Therefore if I didn’t have the resources provided by the internet there would be no point for me to take my courses or to continue my education. Additionally without the internet I wouldn’t even be able to take courses because they are all online.

Without the internet and its vast accumulation of information, whether that be provided from youtube, online galleries, videos, ebooks, online news resources and so much more, our opportunity to learn would be incredibly hindered.  If all forms of mass media were shut down by the government, our government would be slowing the rate in which we are informed about large world events, as well as the rate at which we are educated. Like the introductory video from this week’s assignment suggests books see as though they soon will cease to exist. Their importance is not at the same level that it once was. Their contents are still highly valuable but with the discovery of different avenues from which the exact information can exist in a less expensive and more widely available medium, books no longer are the main source to revert to when in search of information.

This course an others like it encourage the individual who wants to learn. Online courses with support from the information provided by mass media on the internet allows for our society to be educated. Without these mass media resources our government would be saying the education of its citizens is not a priority. We don’t want a non-intellectual society do we? Without our ability to learn we wouldn’t have people who drive our progression, and without progressing who knows what our world would come to. Getting rid of our mass media outlets would put our world leaps behind, and the since our citizens are so accustomed to how we live, they may not be able to adapt to the new life forced upon us by the lack of mass media.