Week 1-story

Jeffrey Evan



Where the Red Fern Grows


I recently watched Where the Red Fern Grows and this is a movie that I have not seen since I was a little kid. When I was a kid this movie was great because it had dogs that are trained to hunt raccoons. So, before watching this movie I thought that this is nice to watch because it was one of my childhood favorite movies.     That it would be nice to watch the young kid in the movie work and train his dogs to hunt. It is safe to say that I was not thinking much about the movie because it is something that I had watched before and read the book as well.

Little did I know that watching this as an adult was like watching the movie for the very fist time. It is safe to say that when I was a kid I ignored the emotions and did not look beyond what was actually going on in the scenes. I recently got a puppy of my own so I felt as if I had more of a connection with the character in the movie. The young boy in the movie put up a lot of hard work to be able to afford a pair of coon dogs. This boy dreamt that he would have his coon dogs, that he prayed to God everyday to help him out with getting him his coon hounds and finally made a realization that he had to meet God halfway. Meeting God half way meant that he had to put in the work in order to afford his dogs. The young boy was driven, possessed by a longing of wanting his own dogs for as long as he could remember. When the boy finally has enough money to buy his dogs he creates a bond with his two dogs and is determined to make his dogs the best pair of hunting dogs.

Like I said before, I recently got a pup and am in the process of training it; watching this film made me feel like I was not connected enough with my own puppy and that I lacked the determination like the boy in the movie had for his dogs. It is a funny thing how a movie could affect you in a way that it makes you realize that you can do better. Or at least make you feel like you can do better; Where the Red Fern Grows is a simple movie but the connection the boy had with his dogs was very moving and the movie made me feel like I should try harder to connect with my puppy and make him the best hunting dog she could be. Before watching this movie I thought it would be just a refresher from the last time I have seen it when I was a kid. Seeing it again as an adult I found this movie to be sentimental and it definitely made me feel like I could be a better dog owner.