Week 1|Assignment 1|Kevin May

Week 1: Assignment 1

Kevin May

The most powerful affect that mass media has had on me was when I saw on T.V., on CNN, the twin towers get attacked on 9/11/2001. Before that event, no news had fostered a powerful or impactful response on me. I had heard of the Y2K apocalypse and other events that gained notoriety, but had no effect on my youthful little mind. I was blissfully ignoring just about everything of the greater world and concerned with Lego’s and my Gameboy Color games. That all changed when 9/11 happened, at least for me.

I can remember where I was in the classroom and the utter silence that ensued from the event. I remember some kids starting to cry, and everyone looking at the teacher. I remember my father telling me to not change the channel no matter what. I remember yearning for any information from major news casters as the information was coming in sporadically and in no particular order. I believe it was the magnitude of the event that caused me to so receptive to media. As more knowledge became available and inevitably we knew our enemy was not a nation state, but a shadow organization of Islamic militants, I wanted to serve.

Oddly enough, at the age of 9, seeing that event and the associated coverage made me want to serve this nation’s military. From that event, and its influence, the next 9 years was all about graduating the primary education system and not breaking myself so I could enlist. How crazy is that? I was not alone when that event happened and enlistments around the country grew in proportion to strike back against the threat of terrorism. That event resonates with most Americans, at least in my opinion. Seeing that played evokes powerful emotions, especially from those who lost loved ones and the culture of New York City that has evolved after the attack.

Going forward to the present day, I know I am influenced by my perceptions I garnered when I was 9. I have a different view when it comes to many topics and 9/11 was the infrastructure it was built off of. When it comes to terrorism, intelligence collection, non-kinetic and kinetic operations, and use of force I differ from my peers usually. This event is the example I can provide to the class that had a powerful and permanent impression on me.