Week 2|Assignment 3|Kevin May

Kevin May

JRN 101

“Today ladies and gentlemen we will be discussing a true pioneer of journalism. You may know of him due to the Pulitzer, which is taken after his name. Before Columbia University christened in his honor the award, he was an avid man of media.’

“Starting early in life as a soldier in the Union Army, after his discharge he had a serious problem keeping employment. After years of issues, Pulitzer buys out the New York World. Utilizing his charm, wit and agreeable nature he turns the paper around.’

“However, his success was mired by his failed health in what we consider middle aged. By 43 he was blind and suffering from severe depression. His reputation had been linked to yellow journalism due to a competition he had with a competitor.’

“His death in 1911 was a loss for journalism though. However, one year later the Colombia University creates an award that extolls excellence in journalism. Another lasting impact was the creation of Colombia University which to this day is second-to-none for quality of education in journalism.’