Week 3|Assignment 4| Kevin May

Kevin May

JRN 101 UX1


The future holds great promise for how we will live our lives. In such a short span of just 25 years we have seen an explosion in new ideas applicable to common day living. Now, Honeycrisp Inc. could have the technology that will revolutionize T.V. viewing experience. More than ever companies need to search for a competitive edge to compete with program centric plans like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video. This could very well be the ace-in-the-hole for firms to shore up ailing subscriber numbers. How would they do this? Well firms across the nation scramble for the competitive advantage when it comes to data mining.

The ability to predict the moods of the constituents that purchase goods at fair value is the cornerstone of our market. To survive in the modern day, it is not just about having a great product; it is about having a great PR campaign. Exposure to the right program and the right ads is a win-win for both the consumer and the corporation. The viewer gets to see what they want, precisely when they need to and the corporation targets the audience with what they want to see.

Now, Honeycrisp Inc. wouldn’t be creating anything new if they used tried and true methods. No, what they are suggesting through their research and product is far more interesting. Instead of the run-of-the-mill data mining to sync products and programs off of an algorithm only, Honeycrisp Inc. is now utilizing a special new technology. This technology allows the program to scan the health and vital signs of the person it is interacting with. Why does this matter, why would we care so much about the impact this could have?

Well for starters, mood is incredibly important for everything we do. Mood is the contingency variable that affects motivation and action. This intersection mated with the contingency variable yield tangible results. Humans spend a lot of time interfacing with advanced technology on a daily basis. A quarter century ago, this may not have been the case. However, everyone now has a phone, computer, T.V., the internet and etcetera.

That doesn’t mean that everyone is happy with it though. Customer reviews are rife with unwanted, unneeded or unappreciated service features from a plethora of devices and plans. T.V. is no exception. There is a belief nowadays that T.V. is becoming obsolete in the face of superior digital media providers over the internet. They have indexing features that create a customized playlist of shows based off your choices. That however is last generation.

This technology utilizes your unique mood and analyzes it to provide an optimal viewing experience. This means no more flipping through channels, a monotonous activity that we have all done while searching for that right program. That saves time and effort for the viewer as they are synced to a program they are in the mood for. If you are feeling sad or mad why not be synced to a movie that is happy and uplifting. Feeling distant and insightful, why not a movie that is philosophical in nature and seeks to answer an existential question. That is the crux of this product and it will revolutionize how we interact with media entertainment.

The right program, at the right time will shorten our searching time tremendously and ensure impactful viewership for paying customers. This is the next step in the evolution of targeted advertisement and program management for viewers that will offer a superior experience to whoever buys out, or utilizes Honeycrisp Inc. unique technology. Those who do not will be left behind by firms that understood the true value of this technology.

In summary, Honeycrisp Inc. has created a potential win-win for everyone. The viewer will have greater access to their shows and greater fidelity in their selection at all times with this new technology. Media companies will be able to ensure their viewers are getting the best service by marrying their mood with a program they want to see. Lastly, advertisement companies will be able to tether useful and non-distracting ads that will help impact the viewer in a more productive manner. The future is now, and Honeycrisp Inc. will lead the way.