Week 5|Assignment 6|Kevin May

Kevin May

JRN 101 UX1


This is a shout out to all the old school books out there. People seem to think we have become obsolete or something. That new tablet system and storing books electronically is apparently more convenient and such. Now, I am not afraid of a little change, but we are a tried and true method. We have been around for centuries. Our coalescence lifted man out of the darkness and we are directly attributable to the mass enlightenment of humanity.

Before us, who could learn? Nobody really except a very select few. We were hard to make… we admit that. However, the printing press, our dear friend and yours made us easily available. I am not saying we are afraid of healthy competition. We just want you to remember that we don’t need electricity to work, our words won’t become “corrupted’ on accident unless you damage us. We have the weight of knowledge effect. That new book smell you crack us open is really hard to beat guys.

One thing I find funny is how the tablets are designed to be book-like. LED screens hurt your eyes, guess what, all you need is a light and we are good to go! We do everything they do in singular forms that adds presence and sophistication to your home. When you look at fancy and wealthy homes, you see a master library with tomes that denote age and wisdom. Modern kids won’t get that perk if they have a single tablet sitting on a desk… remember that guys.

Another thing to remember is how reassuring it is to pick up a book. I don’t know how many of you glance at what you read, but never understand it. Books can enthrall you, we can commit you to us. Most tablets and e-readers have nothing but distractors and serve as a backup to the internet! How can you unplug to read if you can’t disconnect from technology! We are friends and we miss you, don’t forget about us humans!