Week 2: Miriam Brooks

Welcome again to another snip it of Legendary Tonight. This is your host Miriam Brooks.

Tonight we are discussing a legendary figure who revolutionized our modern day talk shows. I’m talking about the big O…. No, not that one. We’re talking about the woman herself… Oprah Winfrey! Her accomplishments in the media industry are so great, she should be one of the highlights in the Smithsonian’s new media  exhibit.

Oprah started her reign in 1974 as a hostess on A.M. Chicago, and in 1986 started to revolutionize America’s talk shows by staring in her own show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. Being the one able to dictate the material presented, Oprah had a more positive and real way of interacting with her audience. No topic was off limits; she got down to the nitty gritty while still portraying a positive outlook. Oprah’s ability to humble herself so that she put herself on the same level as her guests made her show incredibly inviting. Her focus was on uplifting stories, helping others emotionally and spiritually. This raw approach is now seen on many modern talk shows.

Oprah’s ability to grab the attention of the masses created a window for her empire to grow. Products she featured on her show became hot tickets for the general public to have, and those products sold fast once they were featured. Books she praised became new best sellers. Her power to influence grew evermore strongly when she created more outlets for her viewers to obtain her words and spirit. Popularity in Oprah’s magazine encouraged her to become a writer, and success with her books continued with her website Oprah.com. Her website became another outlet for her viewers to obtain uplifting information, as well as connecting back to suggested books and more. With success of her website, magazine, and show came her XM radio show. Oprah has covered all the bases with media and has done so with quite an unchanged presence. Her ability to tap into emotions and relate to her audience has made her a legendary figure in the media.

Her accomplishments are undeniable and while  remaining poised  throughout her career, Oprah’s influence has been incredible.  Her  success in media has  become a force to be reckoned with.

Thank you for tuning into Legendary Tonight, thank you again for listening and remember you too could be a future legendary character.