Ebersole Week 3

Honeycrisp, Inc. just announced a breakthrough new product that can read your body language and vital signs to determine what your favorite TV programming is and automatically change channels to programs you’ll like the best.

So with Honeycrisp Inc announcement of their breakthrough in the new product that can read body language and vital signs, which in turn they say will help with the determining your favorite TV  program, and will automatically change the channels to the programs that you like. With this new breakthrough in technology, it seems it will push television programs in the future down a much narrower path and possibly a more simple venue for television producers and promoters. I think the upside for those planning the future of television programs will be in that now they can determine better and quicker what sells, what the masses are interested in and what isn’t making money that a few are interested in. Television program producers and developers can refine their   programs in such a way so that it would probably save them money and time over the long run. I think that with this new breakthrough that a lot of television programs would be lost or no longer produced due to the fact most people don’t care about those now as it is. Its like paying and get the 13 local channels that we get there locally, I for one don’t watch hardly any of it due to the fact that I don’t find much of them interesting to me at all. So with this new breakthrough reading my body language and vital signs it would have nothing to automatically select for me seeing that there is nothing that I like. Now on the other hand with this new breakthrough we have to think of the other aspect of what the impact may be on our society from this all.  Lets say that most  young and middle age males body languages and vital signs show that what they like most is blood, guts, violence and sex in the programs they like. So with this breakthrough, this would seem to mean that all the programs that would be automatically selected for them would be action movies, maybe war films, fight films, and a lot of pornography. Not sure if, with  that being all that would be offered to these individuals automatically,  if that would be good thing for our society as a whole. I also think that even though this seems like a cool and great breakthrough, it seems it might only be better for the people that run the television world and not so much for those of us that are on the receiving end of all this. I would think that it would lead to a bit more laziness on our part as the receivers of all this, plus now, due to the fact that something is being automatically selected for us it takes a little bit of our choice out of the whole process of what we select. Just because we like something doesn’t mean we always need to indulge in it. I for one would still like a choice and option to actually think on what I am going to watch for the night rather then just becoming a mind-numbing fool that is just watching what a program has selected for me based on a vital sign or body language. Plus I feel it gives the television producers and programmers to much control on what is pushed through to us, and could also give them to much of a chance of pushing their choices and agendas more then maybe what we are really liking at the time. This breakthrough as a whole would give the television programmers to much of a tool to automatically slant and push a lot of their own interest to, as long as they kept it along the lines of what automatically interest a person, they could still push in what they want to. Knowing what someone wants all the time doesn’t mean it is what they need, people still need options and a choice to choose what they are going to watch and feel their minds with. If it is going to be automatically chosen them as soon as they walk into the door of their house and then blasted at them none stop because of what their body languages   and  vital signs say they like, then I think this leads  down a path that, yes maybe, the television programmers and producers like, but would be a decline in values in our society possibly.