Miriam Brooks: Week 3 Part 2


Television and film has reached a very broad target market in our past. Fitting in a little bit of something for everyone. Whether that be sneakily fitting in inappropriate humor for parents who are stuck sitting in a theatre watching a children’s movie with their kids, or ranging to cater a demographic of multiple interests such as a teen oriented movie. Will these types of movies cease to exist once Honeycrisp, Inc’s new product hits the shelves? Only time will tell.

This breakthrough announced by Honeycrisp, Inc. will change the face of entertainment. I look forward to understanding better the specs of such a product since its introduction has been vague. The product is supposed to interpret our body language and vital signs to direct us towards television we will most enjoy. Programs like Pandora or Netflix do the same thing but we must tell those programs what we like and dislike in order to find those programs geared more towards our liking. Even with us telling those programs what we like and dislike; movies, shows, and songs come up that we have no interest in. I fear this will happen with the new Honeycrisp, Inc product. The initial product may take multiple upgrades to tweak to perfect specification so that it understands our wants.

Using our vital signs is not an accurate portrayal of our emotions, the product would have to also read our brain activity. Spikes in our vitals could be interpreted as angry or extremely happy. Those are two very different emotions which would render completely different results of what we want to watch. That being said sometimes we are in the mood for a sad sappy movie, just because we cry during the movie doesn’t’ necessarily mean we don’t like the movie. Our body language is also not an accurate reflection on how we feel about something we are watching. Say if there is a large group of people watching a program and I am the directed on to whom the program focus on reading if I am trying to impress the others watching with me my body language may differ from it would normally, this could trigger the program reading me incorrectly.

If all the kinks were indeed worked out in the product and it was able to truly determine what television we would most like to watch that could revolutionize how shows are created. If there was a finite target market, producers could focus on material based on one specific group, possibly upping their ratings because they were able to have a specific demographic. On the other hand because this program would be able to determine what individuals liked most, the result of which shows were being watched more than others may cause the less watched shows to be cancelled. If producers catered their material towards the target market they were aiming towards, the shows and movies which have been created under these pretenses may make the shows/movies quite unenjoyable for others of a different target market who are watching those movies with them. Perhaps a husband and wife like two very different types of film, and instead of watching a movie which suits both of their likings, new genres have been created because of this product which is providing only a show in favor of one spouse to the other. The same goes for children’s films. A parent does not necessarily want to sit through a nauseating kid’s movie for two hours, but judging from the vitals and body language of the children, the program watched has been predetermined to focus on the child’s likings. Even perhaps a child is watching a film and then the product zeros in on an adult walking through the room and judging from the adults response to what is on the television the TV could change itself to something inappropriate for children.

I think this new product for one is a bit too ahead of its time. It would be seen as intrusive, or it could be the world’s best gift for those indecisive people out there. The public’s reaction to such a product has yet to be solidified. Is there something wrong with us picking what we watch? Or will this new product help us to find new programs and movies much like Pandora does, that we would have otherwise never discovered. Only the release of the product will help to concretely make up our minds.