Week 3 Part 2 [Eddie Crosby]

The future of television as Honey crisp, Inc would like it to be!

    When first looking at the future you have to first look to the past for some of the answers and in doing that I wandered back to when I was a child and back then we use to have a black and white console TV that had rabbit ears on top and no remote control it had no buttons just three turning knobs one to adjust the channel the other to adjust the bandwidth and a third smaller knob that was designed for volume and power control. You had to physically get up off the couch or chair you were sitting in and walk across the room to the television in order to change channels or to adjust the picture quality. Now stepping forward just 10 years later into the 1980s and now you have the first invention of the remote control, TVs began getting smaller, compared to the big console style TVs that had a small picture and had a big case that surrounded the tube and entertainment centers were becoming more common for every household in America, television placement had crept from the floor to a more sensible viewing area and could now be controlled by the touch of a button from a handheld device and not from having to walk across the room from this point forward we now had the ease and ability to control our television without our televisions interfering with our sitting enjoyment. I think from this point forward as time progressed the picture quality got better, the channel availability got vaster and the TVs got bigger, and not just in the display case they were placed in. Moving forward into the year 2000 televisions have now became the center of everyday living for most Americans, they became affordable, compact, and easy to control, their channels were not limited to just three, but infinite.

In 2015 we are now proposing that a company called Honey crisp Inc. has invented a new revolutionary breakthrough technology that can make life simpler, by allowing you to use your body language or visual signs to determine what your favorite TV programming should be, for one I welcome this new opportunity that has been thought of in the past in the gaming industry for instance WII connect gaming system for users to be able to interact with their gaming experience so that they may be more involved within the game as well as becoming more fit, because as we know with the invention of the remote control so has the obesity levels within Americans increased, some blame this solely on the invention of the remote control and I for one error on the side of caution to simply just blame one invention.

I do think that this idea could eventually revolutionize our viewing experience but just like the WII connect gaming system I read a bunch of positive articles when it first came out about how involved players were within the game but just as I seen the sales rise I also seen the sales drop because people quickly lost interest and returned back to their seats picked up their handheld controllers and set back and just played the game and were more happy to do that than to be standing in the living room jumping up and down, I kind of blame that partly on the poor advancement of technology to be able to read the players body language and respond accordingly, there was a bit of a leg.

If in fact Honey crisp Inc. has truly figured out how to read the body language of their viewers to cater their viewing experience towards each individual viewer then I do wonder what technology that they are using, because to simply just read the body language of the viewer to me is not enough because you have to get inside the minds of the viewer to truly be connected to what they want.

Stepping a bit farther into the future:

   Virtual reality, that is the only thing I can possibly say to sum up what this might look like as the future progresses, we have all seen it in TV shows of the woman or man walking around the room nude or fully dressed just standing there for your viewing pleasure that you can potentially have a conversation with or interact with as if they were standing there in real life, but even with that technology you have to have some sort of handheld glove or visual glasses to be able to project the image and I think that is what hinders this technology from advancing. If the future is going to be bright for Honey crisp Inc. I think they need to be able to go beyond what only technology will allow at this time and invent a compatible device that is not handheld but can actually read your thoughts, and again I error caution on this invention ever becoming reality due to the facts that if it does then I would have to think that our own individuality could be at risk, our own ideas or thoughts will no longer be just our own just sitting there trapped within our minds as I think some of us would like them to be but could possibly be available to anybody’s viewing discretion, both good and bad, to me it is not that much of a step further to think of the court systems using this information from our minds to prove guilt or innocence, so again I error caution upon this invention, for I know that even though this is a class assignment this invention is not that far off from becoming reality.