Week 3: Dylan Branch

This new product created by Honeycrisp, Inc. has erupted within society worldwide. The capability to read body language and vital signs and change the channel on a television based on your reactions to it, is like nothing we have seen before. But even though what we think can be a great technological advancement, may not be cracked up to all that we think.

While the opportunity to change channels for us and without the use of a remote, might sound great at first, it can be very dangerous as well. Society today is all about the next best thing that will make life more convenient for us. But having so many possibilities at the end of our fingertips may come back to bite us because of the resounding side effects. With this new technology, I believe it has the ability to cause the human population to be lazier than ever. While sitting in front of a TV is brain damaging enough, not having to use any more brain power to even change the channel to something that sounds interesting, can be a very bad thing. If the technology is as advanced as people are saying, then should be able to read vital signs to get a better indication of what TV program to change to. Which in turn, means that we will become even more vegetable-like, not allowing our own bodies to recognize what we are feeling and what we are interested in watching.

Along with becoming complete couch-potatos, this new product would limit the number of new programs. If it can detect what TV shows we want to watch, then there will be less and less new shows because it will be too difficult from them to come into the public eye. The new product will constantly go back to the shows we like and likely not venture to different programs because of the reactions we may have. This will stop producers and television networks from airing new shows purely because of the fact that this new product will most likely not filter in the new shows with ones that we already like.  Television programs will change the way they approach things. They will look at data to see what the majority of people are wanting to watch and they will alter their own programs to better fit the criteria of those viewers.

Another flaw within this system is all the answered questions. One major question people are having is ‘what if there is more than one person watching TV?’ Will it try to find a program that everyone can enjoying, providing that the new product can detect multiple peoples body language. This can cause a big issue because it could possibly cause families to get multiple TVs just so everyone can have their own programs connected. The effect of this would be distant families. This is because of everyone having to watch their own TV so the product can detect what each individual person wants to watch.

While I understand that humanity is all about the next best invention, this can be very dangerous. In my opinion, we can be very lazy and with so many technological innovations, it is causing our society to become more and more lazy. Things are not the same as they used to be 50 years ago. The world has drastically changed, which means the world will be even more advanced 50 years in the future. By how things are going now, it seems that the human race will only become more lazy and an effect to that will be obesity and health problems because of all the possibilities at our fingertips. We are having to work for less and less which will eventually catch up to us. This new product might seem great at first but when looking at it deeper, it could potentially change family dynamics, health issues, and overall well-being.