Week Five Part 3_Rodney Ebersole

Dear Cellphone,

Hello, you may not know me as you clearly think you are the only one who lives in this town but my name is Pager and you made me go extinct not too long ago. I used to be carried by every teenager and young adult as well as many professionals that needed to be reached at any moment. I was loved for my ease of carrying on ones hip or ease of keeping tabs of children. One quick phone call from their home or office sent a quick beep to me and alerted my users of the need to check in. You destroyed the need for my existence. You obliterated everything I stood for and every storefront who had me had to shut up its doors. Do you have any idea how painful it was to no longer be needed by anyone? When you moved into town everyone liked your fancy screens and colors and the ability to play silly little games on you. How could I compete with the Snake game??? I could only send number, you had text talk and games and pretty much everything a person could want. You could even change your beeps to dogs barking or ducks quacking! I no longer exist besides being a paging system in churches for bratty children or for the odd business that still has use for me, I could have been awesome too if I had just been given a longer chance to thrive. But alas, no, thanks to you I am nothing and nobody and you don’t even care that I am not even known to a whole new generation. This neighborhood was doing just fine until you showed up and I might add I was a lot cheaper than your services too, but that doesn’t matter now. Screw you cell phones.