Mullally: Week 5 – Part 3 – Assignment

Dear Internet,

This is your friendly neighborhood newspaper. I hope by now you and your family have finished moving in and are comfortable in your new neighborhood.   The past few years have been hard for my family and me. I remember the day when my newspaper was king and we had early and late editions. We sold out every day at the newsstand and all the local, national and international news was gained by the people in the neighborhood through me. We have suffered considerable financial hardship since your arrival. The fact that you are able to reach a larger audience instantaneously is unfair as I am only a small, local paper and you are worldwide. You need to stop taking all of my readers, advertisers, articles and journalists.

Although you bring the world closer in terms of creating a ‘global village’ and are connect people instantaneously anywhere in the world, I don’t think you see the damage you are doing to young minds today. The unlimited content in which you provide to youth has made them forget how to interact and ‘be a kid’. Instead of going outside to play and experience life on a much larger horizon they would rather sit inside and connect  online with friends on the newest internet video games. You are turning our neighborhood youth into overweight, mindless beings.

I can only rely on elderly readers for so long as they are the last generation to read the printed newspaper. You may feel happy about putting me out of business — and it may be inevitable that I will be out of business soon, but I just wanted to let you know that I hope the property values don’t plummet now that we’ve moved out of the neighborhood and you’ve moved in. Good luck and good-bye.


Your Neighborhood Newspaper