Skupnik – Week 5 Part 3 Assignment

Dear Internet, this is your neighboring company, the major newspaper that’s been extremely successful until you moved in. We had so many customers that were so excited to pick up our newspaper daily, that looked forward to reading our witty and informative articles. Then all of a sudden, you decided to come along and create news articles that were easy to read on peoples new smart phones and tablets via the internet. Who does that? Who ruins someone’s business just because they have better technology? You are ruining all other newspaper, magazine, and TV companies in our neighborhood; you are the one that we all despise since you are making us go bankrupt. You should respect that we have been in the neighborhood longest, that we’ve worked to make a name for ourselves here and had a great thing going for us, and that we have important information to give. You come in here all fancy, allowing people to do multiple searches through your search engine, allowing them to find any article they want in no time, allowing them to bring up previous articles that we printed years ago. All I would like to say, and sarcastically I might ad, is thanks a lot, for causing us to go bankrupt and running us in to the ground.