Week 5: Part 3: Angela Wheeler

Dear Film / Movies,

You may think you’re talking to yourself, given the fact that we are so similar in content, our audience, and even our plot lines, but no, this is not the little voice inside your projector filled rooms.

This is every word, every line, every raised groove on a page that made you what you are today. You thought you were bringing people together in your dimly lit rooms with your popcorn and surround sound, when you are only hurting them. You push for the advertisements, the big stars and celebrities who endorse you, the money made off of ticket sales, when I remember a simpler time.

When it was about the publishing house and the press. Gaining attention on a best-sellers list, or in the advertising spaces of family (magazines and newspapers, mind you). Now even about being downloaded in the safety of a home on a computer or a tablet, no glitz and glamor, just the true honest nature of my text.

You may be the lightening that catches the eye, but I am the thunder that truly captures attention, and readers, the part of the storm that sparks literacy and education, that teaches people something.

Maybe one day, you too can teach a child something.

Sincerely and without any trace of bitterness,