Week 5 Part 3: Miriam Brooks

Dear gaming console producers,

This is your national cable affiliates welcoming you to our brand of entertainment. We hope that the buzz of your arrival is going well and that you’ve seen much profit from your release. We have just seen some recent figures and they are going to end up changing the face of how we do things.

Recent ratings have come up and we are a bit concerned. Of course we expected with your release our numbers would go down for an allotted time frame however we have waitied the predicted amount of time and our numbers have not returned to their previous glory. We understand this is not your problem. We are just hoping we can enlighten you on our importance and possibly find a way to work together. Your new gaming consoles provide a lot for the entertainment of your gamers and provide many programs which allow for your gamers to enjoy shows whose origin is our product. Our only hope is to become accessible to our viewers on your device.

We provide news now, in the current, in the heat of the moment when something inflicts this country and our citizens deserve the fastest means of getting that information. With more and more viewers dropping their cable providers and seeking the comfort of only these new gaming consoles for entertainment the ability to say current and informed becomes less and less. Other shows which we pride ourselves of providing become accessible to your users with Netflix but are incredibly delayed from when these shows and movies are released. Our partnership will allow your gamers to watch their desired shows as they air on television.

With our partnership I think you will find the number of purchases in your product to increase as people will see the new need for having a console of their own. We hope to hear back as I think this partnership will benefit us both greatly.

Thank you for your time

-Your National Cable affiliates.