Week 5 Part 1: Dylan Branch

One example that really stands out to me as a covert advertisement that is taken to social media, is a video I see on Facebook all the time. It is a video of a middle-aged man who finds this little puppy and it goes through their new lives together and they even made more videos that continue the story.


There are multiple reasons why I think this is a sneaky way to advertise but the biggest reason being that it is portrayed as a story and the brand shows up maybe 2 times throughout the 4-5 minute long video. It is not portrayed as a commercial that is advertising something at all. It just looks like a well edited short film about a man and a puppy.

Another reason I believe it is a covert advertisement is because of the emotional connection to the video. The puppy is very small and cute and looks even smaller when the tall man holds up the puppy. This strategy makes you focus on the story and the “cuteness” factor versus looking at it like a commercial and just having the company sell you a brand.