Week 5 Part 3: Dylan Branch

Dear World Wide Web,

While you might be extremely well rounded in all subjects and carry a lot of knowledge, you are taking many of my readers. And yes, I have been around for quite some time so I do know my way around the block. But I would appreciate a little more consideration. Instead I am left out to be a dogs chew toy or I end up baked in the sun for days. I understand that people have pushed me aside to get to know you better but I just feel like I deserve a little more respect.

These past fews years have been hard on me as more and more people have gotten to know you better and have left me out with the garbage. I guess all I am asking for is to be shared, more and more people are leaving me for you and it is hard for me to watch. I do want to be friends but I feel like you are already so popular that you don’t really need a friend like me.

I hope to hear back soon but if you could print out your letter back to me that would be great considering I can’t receive emails.

Best wishes,

The neighborhood newspaper