Week 6 Part 1 [Eddie Crosby]

The big bait and switch:

Well as far as theory’s go I think I lean more towards the social cognitive theory, -the idea that people learn through observation, I also tend to use this idea in relation to the neo-Marxist theory, that -people are predisposed to the information that the mass media agency’s wants us to see though there global ownership of multiple reporting agencies. If they show us violence, and we see that it is attention seeking behavior oriented then we are more apt to do it ourselves, it goes with the idea that “even bad press is press’. I mean do we always remember what the story was about or do we remember the people who were involved, so yes I do believe it is a matter of product placement and I think that the mass media has been in business long enough to understand what people are more apt to want to watch compared to what is considered good publicity.

What came first the chicken or the egg? Well I think that they both did in some form or another and no I am not talking in the biblical since, I am more talking the human dimension of predetermination, in the idea that we are given what we want and ignore all the other factors such as when and where it came from. I think that as human beings we are all born with a drug seeking behavior, we are all addicted to something and if that something is mass media then what is the problem? Well I can argue that point from the past to the present in many forms, as in school shootings and presidential debates, are they rigged, is it over publicized, is the information correct and is it given to us in a timely manner, or is it fixed to just give us a nibble of the information and then force us to seek other sources to complete the information like a puzzle, it does make me wonder. I know I can watch the same television program, read the same news article, and listen to the same radio broadcast as a person sitting beside me, but yet we will both have a difference in opinion as to what information they were putting out and what information was left out intentionally.

Looking at media today and going forward into the 22nd century is a hard apple to bite into let alone to swallow, because all I see and read about in the media these days is that more and more media outlets are selling out, I mean I see one getting more ratings than another, and with their lower ratings I see them moving from prime time slots to late night news, and I am not just talking about the news but what I once considered to be good quality television, television that I thought had good quality family values, well denounced to me while I was growing up so was mass media. I will give you an example just the other day I asked my 11 year old son what lessons he was getting from the television show he was watching, for the past hour or so, and he could not tell me one good thing that he was learning, but he could almost repeat the television commercials word for word, what is wrong with television these days is that the television programing is getting to be more violent and lacks good content as far as a story plot that any well-educated person can understand besides, death, and threats of mass destruction while the advertising industry is getting more clever in there deception of product placement.

What will happen in the future is any body’s best guess but in my opinion, I think well at least for my own self sanity, and our sanity as a nation as a whole would be best suited to just throw out anything that you see or hear on the networks, because there greed and power oriented with little if any self-inherent backbone in them to care about what aftermath they might create or feed the hungry nation of people who surf the net of information just to find what feeds there drug addicted desire off information with little care of weather that information may cause hate towards themselves or others.