Week 6, Part 1 Assignment – Skupnik

In the 22nd Century, we interact with mass media very differently than we did in the 21st Century. In the 21st Century, mass media was very technologically enabled, and that was the main focus and drive behind most media communications; newspapers released websites with all information easily accessible, full season TV shows were offered via programs called Hulu or Netflix, mass news channels such as CNN or MSNBC updated websites that allowed for viewers to get world breaking news with the click of a button. One may have thought, “how can you advance technology more than it already is?’ but the truth is, it wasn’t hard. Mass media in a variety of forums is something that will always be desired by consumers, so mass media just continued to advance as we entered the 22nd Century. Mass media now truly affects our daily lives from the moment we wake up in the morning and see breaking news streaming across our the walls of our bedroom, to being in the car on our way to work and having the radio automatically play what we are in the mood for, since this is now a feature in all new cars. This hasn’t been as detrimental to our society as we thought it would be as technology advanced in the 21st century. In fact, with these new advances and how easily accessible media is now, we notice more facial interaction between individuals, and that people find it easier to put their personal mobile devices down. A lot of mass media companies, such as those in the newspaper business, or those doing radio shows are still successful, they just require more effort to make sure that they are portraying their personalities, or their material well over the new technologically advanced mediums.