Week 6 Assignment 1 Kade Campbell

22nd Century Life


Mass Media in the 22nd century is nowhere near the same as the 21st century. Ill take you through a day of my life with the mass media in this awesome century. At first I wake up to an alarm clock, do not get this confused with the 21st century noisemaker this alarm clock wakes me up softly to the music I prefer. Once I’m awake my alarm clock recognizes this and then makes me a cup of my favorite coffee. As I walk down to my kitchen to pick something to eat my 3D hologram turns on and starts reporting the news. I can either choose the news around the world, sports, music or radio to fill my movie entertainment. What should I do today? On a commercial break on my sports news the hologram shows a new movie trailer. Star Wars 30 is coming out and they way the actors on this hologram is acting out in my kitchen it looks like a classic! I take my 22nd century tablet screen and head into my car. I tell the car to drive me to the local theater and while the driving I want to read this new story that is out. I don’t pull out an old 21st century paperback book that my great grandpa used but I just tell y tablet to put it out the screen. My tablet reads my mind so I can control it without using my fingers and everything on the Internet is seconds away. After the movie, which Darth Vador becomes a good guy I head back home. While my car is driving me, ads pop up around the car about a concert I can tune into. I tell my tablet to tune into the concert going on and on my windshield turns into a stage where the band is playing. My tablet makes a hologram of the crowd that surrounds me and it feels like I am there. I get home and tell my kitchen to make some dinner, life in the 22nd is amazing. I can’t imagine living 100 years ago where you actually had to do stuff. This chicken is burnt though, I need to get a new kitchen.