Week 6, Assignment 7 – Wyman: Planet Red Resort

JRN F101 — Media and Culture
Week 6, Assignment 7
J. Wyman
August 13, 2015

ASSIGNMENT 7: We’re doing a podcast this week on predictions for the future. Write a two-minute radio script on a day in the life of the 22nd Century you focusing largely on your engagement with the mass media during the day.

Planet Red Resort in the 22nd Century

There was a time when Captain Kirk’s communicator, featured on the series, Star Trek, was stuff of science fiction. When the show first aired there was no such small, hand-held, mobile communication device. Today, not only are such devices ubiquitous, but they do much more than two-way communication. Today’s iPhone would impress even Spock! So, let’s imagine what the future will look like in 2150, in the 22nd Century.

As you sit back in your automated transport, navigated by Google, on your way to work you put on and flip down your mobile virtual reality lenses and get the daily news. Eye motions and blinks navigate and fast forward between channels. An incoming email pulses on the right side of your virtual menu and you access and check your work voice messages. 30 minutes left to your commute so you video conference in to a meeting in Germany where people are beginning to gather. Your boss isn’t in sight so you discon.

Time for some music. The device monitors your mood and automatically selects just the right song. As you approach a transport route billboard flashes and shows you a view of the Planet Red Resort that you and your wife were chatting about earlier this morning. Your name scrolls across the organic LED display with a message that you and your family are personally invited. A new email blinks in from the resort, offering you 20 percent off if you book a trip before the end of the day.

That was just the first part of your day. Imagine what the evening will bring! Sound like far-fetched future sci-fi? Guess again friend. The 22nd Century is coming and mass media will ready.