Week 6, Part 1: Miriam Brooks


Welcome back to What Would You’re Life Be Like. Today we’re going to be talking about life in the 22nd Century and today we’re going to turn the tables and I will be the one sharing with all you listeners what my life will look like.

Waking up in my hovering plank bed, I look towards the ceiling and see a holographic image of a sunrise over the trees, which would otherwise be impossible to view firsthand living in a largely overpopulated city. The image slowly fades as I get myself out of bed and push the bed upright against the wall where it gets stored during the day.

Making my way into the kitchen for some breakfast the surface of the kitchen table comes alive with multiple channels of news and other sites I have favorited. However there is no sound coming from these images and videos until I sit down and choose with a touch of my finger the desired volume of which channel I wish to listen to as I eat my breakfast. There is no need to hold anything up, I merely have to look down at the table as I eat my breakfast. Subtitled the other channels are muted as they appear in smaller boxes from my chosen channel.

As I leave my home I become one with the flow of traffic joining all others as we walk in a systematic format to our destination. Entering my office building I begin to hear the company broadcast over the intercom. This informs me of the different department’s progress and gives me an idea of the overall mood and pace of the department on which I work. My station which resembles a drawing board also acts as my kitchen table has and comes alive with the projects on which I am working on, and merely requires a touch of a finger to select and alter the programs. Along the edge of where the office’s ceiling meets the walls are two ever going strip of information scrolls along the border. One with company information in red and the other strip with information from the world outside my office building in blue. Once my projects have been though rally worked on I make my way to the ground floor of the office building once again hearing the company broadcast and exit onto the street. I now follow my fellow man in the flow of traffic back to my home where I sit at the kitchen table once more with my dinner and continue on to bed.

Thank you for tuning in to What Would You’re Life Be Like and joining in on my 22nd century day’s journey. Thank you and until next time this is your host, Miriam Brooks